Well well well, what a day! We even woke up to a bit of sun and yet more food supplies generously provided by supporters, including staff. If you have looked at today’s issue of the Oxford Mail we have got some great coverage (made it onto the front page!) and the support for the occupation just keeps growing and growing.

We have spent much of the day trying to articulate our demands as clearly and concisely as possible and we are nearly ready to send our official letter of demands to the Vice Chancellor.

Entertainment has been slightly low on the ground today as there has been so much to organise, people to consult, police officers to speak to (only in the most congenial of ways on both sides it must be said!)

But fear not, we have a treat for you this evening! Bring acoustic musical instruments for some musical fun, some people are up for performing and other just want a good sing along. We even have the renowned activist slam poet Danny Chivers dropping by later. This is kicking off at half ten. Bring brollies just in case, and maybe some tea lights.

Tomorrow at 10am we have Adam Ramsay from the Green Party coming to give us the Economic Case Against the Cuts, and the circus society will be swinging by to share some of their skills with us too – time to be confirmed.

Finally, general assembly will take place at 12 noon every day unless otherwise stated.

So come along, this will be what we make it, and we need as many people as possible to get involved. Any ideas you have regarding games, activities, arts – anything – are all invaluable to the Occupation.

Bye for now! x