The rain is pouring down out there so seemed like a perfect time to slink off to the library and do an update. Yesterday saw Adam Ramsay from People and Planet do a really interesting talk on the economic arguments against the cuts – basically the amount of tax avoidance which goes on in this country is catastrophic and the billions that is lost due to the likes of vodofone and other companies who are not team players could save so many of the services we are told ‘need’ to be cut. This was well received and big thanks to Adam for coming down. Other than that it was a pretty quiet day with a lot of admin and planning with some sing alongs in the evening.

We have been in regular contact with the local media who are all really interested in what’s going on, as are students. Hopefully word is getting out that the camp is not a scary place but a welcoming place as more and more people are coming down to chat about what’s happening and get involved. More tents are springing up every day and gradually we are growing which is very exciting. People keep giving us food supplies too which is really lovely šŸ™‚

In terms of our demands, we have yet to hear the Vice-Chancellor’s response and have been told by her secretary that she will look at the letter on Monday – we will of course keep you posted.

As usual we had our general assembly at 12 noon yesterday and today, and have all agreed that what we really need is as many activities and events as possible – there are so many people that support this cause who have various skills to share so why not put them to good use? Political struggle can be fun as well as, well.. damp.

So far we’ve had samba, music, poetry, economics, and even an impromptu philosophy workshop. So what else? Here is a list of some of our ideas. If you or someone you know would like to lead any of these workshops or discussions please get in contact via and soon!


Talks/discussions/debates on university and what its purpose is, the value of the arts (since they are at particular risk vis a vis the cuts)

Neoliberal economics, Marxism, and everything in between

Anything on the environment, feminism, politics, philsophy, history, architecure, film – any passion you have

Story-telling, ghost stories

Music performances, poetry, plays

Guerilla gardening, urban foraging

Activist legal rights

Banner making

Zine workshops – how to make a zine

Stitch n’ bitch (knitting)

Teach a language

Sports/games – Circus skills, dance class, judo

PIP ERROR – the independent student magazine needs articles

So please let us know ASAP so we can advertise it to as many students as possible – thanks!

Don’t forget to add us as a friend on facebook if you haven’t already (‘Occupy Brookes’) and keep up with what’s happening on twitter by adding ‘Occupy Brookes’ there too, and you can use the hashtag ‘occupybrookes’

Over and out!