Hi hoo happy campers!

(I still can’t get over how brilliant it is to be able to wake up exactly one minute before needing to be at university. A quick stretch, a splash of water on the face, and – with toothpaste on the chin – I am in the library at not a minute past 9… Joy.)

I feel I must tell you about yesterday, which was a truely beautiful day at camp.

At 10am a news team arrived from London. They stayed with us throughout the day, interviewing occupiers, staff, and passers by, catching a First Aid workshop at 11, a performance by the Fortune Players in the afternoon, and an upcycling workshop of lantern-making led by Alex (the lanterns are beautiful and can be seen floating around the camp). The news team even tried to catch the Vice Chancellor herself! But with little success…

Music. Now this is what makes me smile when I think of day 6. As you know, there were a number of events going on throughout the day (we are always looking for more so if anyone has anything they would like to perfom/teach/talk about that would be wonderful! Email occupybrookes@gmail.com and we will put you on the calendar!), but perhaps the most smile inducing of events was the performance by the Fortune Players (a group of students putting on a musical at the university this week), which coincided exactly with the arrival of our much missed round and yellow friend.

Oh how we’ve missed you… But you came back!! And just in time.

Picture this: a group of 10ish singers, boys and girls, one guitar, flowery dresses, a bandana (I haven’t seen one of those since the nineties!!), an audience of smiling occupiers, and the sweet melody of various sound treats from the musical HAIR. All on the grass, with the cameras rollin’ and people strollin’ by with twitching ears.

It was beautiful.

That aside, we received a reply from the Vice Chancellor’s secretary! The VC is ‘busy until mid July’. Hmmm. We will see about that. And many visitors throughout the day.

Best of wishes,

Over and out and shake it all about!