So we’ve made it to Day Ten, the first milestone under our post-Occupation Revolutionary Metric Calendar!!* And we’re also celebrating ten days of consecutive rain!! So it would probably be fair to assume that it was our occupation that brought the deluge to Oxford, and we can only apologise for the biblical levels of water that have been blighting us all of late.

So what’s been going on at the camp? Well, yesterday we had a fantastic lecture from Dr. Simon Underwood entitled “Why do men have nipples?: Human evolution in thirty minutes”. He explained so much so thoroughly that it made us wonder how come nature took so long! I suppose the only answer is that Dr. Underwood is in fact an omniscient being.

Today we had Kate Byard-Pennington running a bunting-making workshop, so our site is about 100% more beautiful, and we also had a visit from a group of Brookes Architecture graduates who built the willow structure that we’re currently using as our central tent. They said that they were really pleased that their structure was being put to such good use, and allayed our concerns that we might be doing it any damage. At the risk of being incredibly hippie-ish, it’s really cool to be staying a structure that is actually alive and growing around us!

* this is a joke. Calm down.