Hi there,

The previous blog post told you to sign the petition but did not tell you how – this is what’s wrong with horizontal movements I guess!

Anyway, here it is! http://www.change.org/petitions/oxford-brookes-university-scrap-fee-waivers-at-brookes?utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition&utm_term=share_button_modal

Would be great if you could sign it and share it around as much as possible. We need to get loads of signatures by next Monday so that we can present it to the Senior Management Team ahead of their meeting on Thursday where their proposals will be presented to the board of governors.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the campaign thus far, we would not have lasted this long if it weren’t for you – everyone who has come for a chat, signed the petition, played a song, leant us tents, sleeping bags, roll mats, who has given us money, food, even cooked for the occupiers! You’re all incredible.

It’s not over yet but the weather and exams and deadlines are quite a strain – we need you to make it strong. Whether sharing the petition with friends or actually coming and pitching a tent, your input could make or break the campaign in this critical week so don’t be shy!