So, i’d like to give you an update and i’d like to clear something up.

Firstly, at long last we have been given an official oppurtunity to meet with the Vice Chancellor and other members of senior management. The meeting was offered to us yesterday for any time on Wednesday before 3:30pm – we choose 2pm. Five of the core occupiers will be listening to their arguments (which they have not yet put forward in written form as was requested on the 19th of April when we sent them our original letter), and hopefully they will also listen to ours and it won’t just be lipservice. We will of course keep you updated on the outcome 🙂

The meeting will be followed by a demonstration at 4pm outside the main reception (after 2pm exams are done) – we hope it will be celebratory in nature, but failing that we will have a good old protest! Please come, bring yourself, banners, and anything noisy.

As for this rumour that is being spread that we have turned down numerous attempts by senior management to meet with us, presumabley to make us look unreasonable, this is obviously not true. There was one incident, early in the campaign, where the vice chancellor’s (Janet Beer’s) secretary came out and told us “Janet’s got back to back meetings until July. But she’s just had a cancellation and can have a chat with you now if you want”. With literally no warning, and with some of our core occupiers in lectures at the time, we declined, stating that we thought it right that we be given acceptable notice, time to discuss as a group and to prepare in the proper way – needless to say she was not overly impressed by this and that was the only time that any sort of an offer was made.

Having camped out for four weeks (it’s just gone midnight so it’s now precisely four weeks!) in the worst imaginable weather and somehow juggling exams and coursework, we do think that the least we deserved was a proper written response, followed by a meeting, but hey, maybe that’s our ‘cuckoo’ ultra-leftist brains going crazy again ;-p (see Paul Mason’s comment in the previous post!!). Anywho, that’s what really happened, or didn’t happen as the case may be.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow (today), we will do our best. Thanks so much for the ongoing support that everyone is giving, it really is the best feeling when so many people want to help the campaign to win.